The Kane County Sheriff’s Office respects the wishes of detainees who request spiritual care.  Clergy members are encouraged to complete a Visiting Clergy Application in order to become pre-approved by the Kane County Sheriff’s Office should they wish to visit with a detainee.  For your convenience, an online application is available below.

Upon receipt of the application, a background check is performed by the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.  Upon completion of the background check, clergy members will be notified whether or not the application is approved.  If the application is approved, the information is maintained on file for a period of two (2) years.  During this time, clergy members may visit detainees housed in the Kane County Adult Justice Center via the video visitation system.  Individuals with relatives in the custody of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office are not to visit with detainees as a member of the clergy.

Please provide the following forms of identification with your application:

  • Copy of a valid Driver’s License of State ID Card; and,
  • Copy of documentation/letter of ordination from the leader of the organization you represent stating that you are in good standing, and that you are approved to minister on their behalf.

A Visiting Clergy member’s requested presence is a meaningful part of the detainees’ wellbeing; and, can be an important process in the healing and reentry process.  Please take a moment to complete the following application.

Personal Information

Religious Affiliation Information


Select the highest level of education completed?

Employment History

Background Information

Criminal History

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Compliance

Substance Abuse History

Volunteer Information

Emergency Contact Information